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Olaf's Ballard, 6301 24TH AVE NW, Seattle, WA, 98107

A Ballard Bar for Ballardites

We are a Ballard bar that celebrates our diverse neighborhood by offering a selection of rotating beers and liquors, preparing fantastic food featuring local ingredients, and fostering long term relationships with our regulars, while having as much fun as is legally possible.

Stay tuned on rotating beers, pinball

tournaments & live music.

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Food, Beer and Drinks

crafted with love

Olaf's is a Ballard neighborhood pub dedicated to serve great comfort food and hard to find brews. The eleven rotating taps consist some of the hard to find draughts. The food menu is strictly ingredients from the local providers. Olaf's is a popular hang out for Ballardites as well as out of towners. Whether you are a local or visiting Ballard, Olaf's is a great place to socialize, have great food, watch sports, play pinball in the back or just kick back in the vagina room watching the big screen.

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