Mariners Opening Day

If you don't have tickets to opening day for our Seattle Mariners then you should do the next best thing...

Come to Olaf's!  We are opening at 12:30 and our chef Zach is going to grill foot long Bavarian Meats hot dogs until we run out! The KING DOG will be served on a Tall Grass Bakery hot dog bun (yep, they're special ordered just for you) with a fantastic Stadium Mustard for only $5 bucks.  Happy Hour until 6pm and after the Mariners start their season you will already have a seat for the NCAA men's National Championship game!

That is one hell of a Monday!

Attack of the Flicks

Join us tonight for our biweekly movie series takes a turn down the familiar path, because tonight is "Attack of The Sequels".  Our host Rob Smythe is presenting Phantasm 2 and Return of the Evil Dead (the second in the Blind Dead series) beginning at 7pm in our hallowed Vagina.

Phantasm 2 brings back The Tall Man (played again by Angus Scrimm) to terrorize the locals with his flying silver balls of death and creeot minions. Plenty of blood will be spilled, but as usual everything is all good in the end….Psyche!  Released in 1988 and directed by Don Coscarelli this is sure to be a rather enjoyable flick, after all they did make Phantasm 3 and 4 didn't they?

Return of the Blind Dead (1973) brings us the Nights Templar back to roam the hillsides of a small Portugal town. There is a village idiot, people hiding in a church (badly we might add) and of course 1970's sex and a blood sacrifice.  I mean, why not?!?

Saint Patricksen's Day!!

Come celebrate a very little know holiday with your friends and neighbors here at Olaf's. Little is know about Saint Patrickson, except he liked to help his local people by adding a lot of humor and shenanigans to their diet!

Our new burger, "Luck 'o the Irish" is 6 ounces of grilled perfection covered in melted Sage-Derby cheese and Guinness Stout caramelized onions, topped with arugula, tomato and mayo on a Tall Grass bakery brioche bun.  

Thats not all, our delicious Reuben sandwich is a friggin buck off!!!  So what are you waiting for?? 


Beer and Hot Dog Tossing...

Here we are in the split between Winter and Spring, between spring training and real baseball, between sobriety and passionately making out with a couch...

As we ride the seasonal change, what better way is there to celebrate than with some beer and friends at Olaf's.  And what goes best with beer? Shenanigans! This Friday the 13th, at 6pm, we are hosting two fantastic breweries from California: Firestone Walker and 21st Amendment. From Firestone we will feature their Velvet Merlin (a robust Oatmeal Stout), the Double Jack (Imperial IPA), the Pivo (Hoppy Pilsner) and the Eazy Jack (Session IPA). From 21st Amendment we will pour their Fireside Chat (Spiced Winter Ale), Brew Free or Die (IPA), the Sneak Attack (a farmhouse Saison), and Hell or High-Watermelon (Watermelon Wheat Ale).

Bring together these fantastic beers with a Hot Dog tossing and catching contest AND a Watermelon carving contest? Sound like a huge mess in the Vagina.  But why the hell not? What have you go to lose? Show up here with some old clothes, safety goggles and a sense of adventure and get ready to party! Everything starts at 6pm, there will be prizes and swag for the contestants and winners.

For everyone else, all of these delicious beers are only $5 a pint! All Night!!!

Friday the 13th Shenanigans!

This Friday the 13th at 6pm we are excited to feature two fantastic breweries from California; 21st Amendment and Firestone Walker.  There will be 4 beers from each brewery available, and to help you get in the drinking mood (like you need help on a Friday night!) we are holding a Hot Dog catching contest and a watermelon carving contest!  Trust us, the Vagina is going to get messy!  

Tomorrow we will post the beer lineup, so stay tuned for more information!

Movie night Wednesday!

Welcome back to ATTACK OF THE FLICKS every first and third Wednesday's of the month. Tomorrow we are excited to present  "Attack of the 50 foot woman" a 1958 cult classic about an alcoholic heiress, her womanizing beau and a lot of radiation ( bonus are some very large chains). 

The second feature will be a bit more graphic, it is the 1971 Spanish horror film "Tombs of the Blind Dead". This is he first of director Armondo de Ossorio's BLIND DEAD series. Be prepared to ride a thriller!  As always it's happy hour pricing for our movie goers. Enjoy!



Pinheads Tshirts

That's right folks, it's clothing optional day here at Olaf's. No that doesn't mean you can show up nude, but you have the option of wearing OUR clothes instead of yours. Our pinball partners, PINHEADS PINBALL are offering their first run tshirts for only $10 bucks CASH!!  

To add to the festivities you can pick up an Olaf's hoodie for only $40. That's a discount from out normal rate. Buy your hoodie soon!!  


Movie Night Tonight!

Starting at 7pm we are showing two super-fantastical-psycho-horrorific movies with host Rob Smythe!  First it's going to be "Wild Zero" starring Japanese garage band GUITAR WOLF who prevent aliens from destroying the earth with an army of zombies. 

The second feature is "Zardoz" starring SEAN CONNERY as a savage killer in the future where a large ceramic floating head spits out guns for the leftovers of humanity. This film was directed by JOHN BOORMAN, who brought us classics like "Deliverance" and "Excalibur". If you like squeeling like a pig with delight while immersed in psychedelic-horror, then tonight is your night. 

Double Bonus, we offer happy hour for movie-goers and its our host Rob's birthday celebration.