Attack of the Flicks

Join us tonight for our biweekly movie series takes a turn down the familiar path, because tonight is "Attack of The Sequels".  Our host Rob Smythe is presenting Phantasm 2 and Return of the Evil Dead (the second in the Blind Dead series) beginning at 7pm in our hallowed Vagina.

Phantasm 2 brings back The Tall Man (played again by Angus Scrimm) to terrorize the locals with his flying silver balls of death and creeot minions. Plenty of blood will be spilled, but as usual everything is all good in the end….Psyche!  Released in 1988 and directed by Don Coscarelli this is sure to be a rather enjoyable flick, after all they did make Phantasm 3 and 4 didn't they?

Return of the Blind Dead (1973) brings us the Nights Templar back to roam the hillsides of a small Portugal town. There is a village idiot, people hiding in a church (badly we might add) and of course 1970's sex and a blood sacrifice.  I mean, why not?!?