Three days until...

That's right, only three days until we host our second anniversary party this Saturday the 29th!  Over 100 prizes are going to be given away. Bring a donation to the Ballard food bank and recieve a raffle ticket, which will put you in the drawing for some fantastic prizes. Back-yard umbrellas, hoodies, gift certificates and plenty of shenanigans!  And maybe a couple of whammies!!

We open at 3 and start the raffles at 4, hen the Seahawks at 5pm. Get ready, 


Attack of the Flicks!

Once again we are back for movie night!  What's so special about tonight? Only one of the best cult movies from the 1930's called FREAKS! A beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of the side show misfits as a joke. These real life human oddities are the real stars in this classic from 1932. It's a short film so arrive at 8pm and grab your seat.  Thanks Rob for another great flick!!



This is a great week to celebrate ourAmerican heritage. The women have won the World Cup semi-finals and are playing this Sunday. We will be open and ready @3pm on Sunday for the big match.

Tonight is movie night, so in honor of our Celebtation of independence we are showing Iron Eagle at 830. 

This Saturday July 4th we will be closed so our staff can enjoy their  freedom with their families and significant others. 

We encourage responsible shenanigans all the time, but please remember that this state is very dry so please have fun, but if you're shooting fireworks off, be careful! 

Memorial Weekend Pinball Tournament

What are your plans this weekend? We definitely have some here! Starting tonight come and get your holiday drink in with Bob and Cheeto. 

Saturday afternoon is our monthly Pinheads Pinball tournament at 4pm, so come early and sign up for some fun.

Then Saturday evening we are running a Sounders special during the match that starts at 7pm. Buy a shot of El Jimador tequila for $6 or an El Jimador Margarita for $8 and get a raffle ticket for prizes. We will give away two Sounders scarves at halftime and an awesome backyard umbrella at the end of the match. 

Sunday is happy hour all day, and Monday is... Well, it's fucking Monday.  

Come get drunk!! 


Attack of the flicks

It's movie night tonight, and due to the late daylight in our future this will be the last double feature before summer starts.

Howard the Duck will begin a little after 7pm, and if you don't remember how silly this movie is, most of us couldn't drink beer when it hit the theaters. Give it a 3 pint second chance!

After Howard, it's the last of the Blind Dead trilogy, Ghost Galleon. Zombies on a ship, chasing bikini clad meat snacks. It's going to be awesome! 

Movie Night

What a beautiful day it is, and there is nothing better to do after a fantastic day than to kick back and watch a couple of fantastic flicks in your favorite neighborhood bar! 

ATTACK OF THE FLICKS is proud to present two classics, "Bubba Ho-Tep" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

BHT stars Bruce Campbell as Elvis battling a red necked mummy who preys on the souls of a retirement community. 

TDTESS features our favorite cycloptic robot Gort who stands watch over his masters ship while the handsome alien mingles with humanity. Say it with me..."KLAATU BARADA NIKTO"!!! 


Starting at 7pm.